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You asked... we're delivering!  We now have a variety dozen of cookies -

"The Winter Sampler" which offers two (2) each of the following:

  • "The Homerun" (pretzel/toffee/white chocolate)
  • "The Grizzly" (chocolate/toffee/white chocolate)
  • "The Sugarloaf" (maple/brown butter)
  • "Cookie's Cookie" (lemon sugar)
  • "The Avalanche" (white chocolate chip)
  • "The Landslide" (chocolate chip)

See each respective flavor for ingredient/nutritional information.

Available as a Baked Cookie offering and NOT available as a Frozen Dough offering.

The cookies offered in "The Sampler" variety pack will change seasonally as cookies offerings change and are updated.  Enjoy!

NEW! Variety Dozen - See description (2 of each flavor) NOW $14.00

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