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What started as an idea for a possible "side-hustle" for some extra income in the summer of 2020, while staying at home caring for our adult special needs son, Shane, very quickly turned into a passionate pursuit of starting and building a new business.  The Cookie Lab LLC is the brainchild of Brooke and Jarrett Whitney and most would say it's an obsession for Jarrett.  Creating cookies that are delicious and that will appeal to the masses is hard enough; and we decided to take it a couple steps further by creating some of our own unique flavor combinations while going against the mainstream push to make cookies huge and half-baked.  So we sought to make our cookies more manageable in size to focus on flavor and freshness. It was a challenge that was met head on with enthusiasm.  Cookies that come from the "Lab" have great flavor, along with a soft and chewy texture and they're individually sealed so you won't want to throw away half of a huge stale cookie.  Our "no frills" approach extends from our cookies to our packaging, to our marketing and even here on our website.  We do it all ourselves right now and we don't do it for prizes or to make it all look better than it is - it's our way of keeping this real!  What started in our small kitchen in our home in Long Lake, MN eventually grew to a larger operation in a commercial kitchen in Plymouth, MN within only a couple years; and we recently started operating from a commercial kitchen in the quaint small town of Silver Lake, MN (just about an hour west of the Twin Cities) after our move there in the summer of 2023.

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