We are Brooke and Jarrett Whitney. We are a husband and wife team, we are a parent team, we are a family team - with Ryan, Shane and Delaney... and we hope you enjoy the delicious cookies we've created.  We have been working hard to bring this dream to a reality and all of the Cookie Lab Fans have been very patient with us as we have navigated this process.  Having really good cookies is one thing; having amazing support around you is the best!  We successfully completed a Kickstarter(R) campaign in November 2020 which has allowed us some additional support to grow our marketing reach and build our operations.  We are Certified Cottage Food producers in Minnesota and we are reaching as many people as we can and we are looking to grow and expand our business and get these yummy treats to everyone we can!

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The Cookie Lab cookies are going to be different from other "micro bakeries" and probably different from what you would expect.  We have developed our own recipes in our "Lab" (aka - our kitchen) and our menu consists of both traditional cookie flavors and our own original specialty creations.  We have made regular changes along the way until not only we were satisfied, but also the dozens of "Cookie Testers" that we worked with as well as the final consumers.  All of this was done so we could bring you sweet treats without all the glam of a cookie fashion show.  Our focus is truly on the cookie taste and texture more than anything.  So we are going to stay in our lane and focus on that.  And we hope you agree!  Our cookies are "small batch" because we make our dough batches small for about 3-5 dozen per batch. This allows us to better insure proper mix and blending to get the best flavors and texture for each cookie.

Our cookies are Individually Sealed.  Just like making the dough and baking the cookies - this process is done by hand, by us; only steps away from the mixers and ovens.  Once cooled enough, we get the cookies bagged and sealed then packed up for delivery and pick up.  Cookie Lab cookies are not giant cookies or oversized cookies and we have made a point to make them smaller - no cookie should ever be wasted!

"Keep Calm and Cookie On!"